Thursday, August 14, 2008

1st day of school 2008!

Well, I blinked back the tears and swallowed the lump in my throat as I took Tyler and Jaylen to school this morning. It is Jaylens first day of school and the first day of the rest of her life. Both the kids were really excited to go( I'm sure that will change in a couple of years)So I went in to the school to take them to their class rooms. Tyler wasn't sure he remembered what room number, and Jaylen, well its her first day of kindergarten. Jaylen walked straight up to her teacher and said "sorry I'm late." We actually weren't late for once.

We started a new back-to-school tradition with a homemade cinnamon roll breakfast. Tyler and Jaylen have been really excited about that. And I got their new clothes ironed and ready. I put some gel in Tylers hair and he looked in the mirror and said "what a disaster!" I laughed. I thought he was looking quite handsome.

My little babies are growing up and its going too fast. I wish I could push pause sometimes or at least slow motion, and enjoy life a little more. I will miss Jaylen, but I know that she will do great and is more than ready to learn and explore, and create. I know her effect on others will be as wonderful as it is on me.

Trevor walked around and hung out with me all morning. He keeps saying "Mom mee" and I did feel a little better, and then I thought four years from now I'll really be bawling my eyes out.