Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mt Rushmore

Well we had a quick family vacation this past weekend, and took a trip to South Dakota to see Mt Rushmore and the black hills. It was a lot of fun. We enjoyed camping and visiting Kelsey's Parents who met us there. One of our best finds was Broken Boot Mine. We went on a tour of the old gold mine, and saw first hand who crazy those old miners were. The kids really enjoyed it and then we had them pan for gold (which they got to keep). We then took a detour to Sturgis, making our way to Rapid City where we went to Bear Country. This was Jaylens favorite part. We got to see the Bears roaming around, as well as other wildlife, with the best part being "Babyland." Babyland was were they had all of the baby animals. We saw the bear cubs playing around and they were so cute. The next day we went to Mt Rushmore and enjoyed the new updated they have done. It was really nice. We saw a movie on the making of Mt Rushmore (2x) and went on the "Presidential Trail" which goes around the foot of Mt Rushmore. All in all we had a great trip

Baby Lindsay!

Stacy had a new baby girl July 23rd 2008. She is a perfect little doll. We have all been excited about Lindsays arrival. She is tiny!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 4th 2008

We had a great July 4th this year. We went up in the mountains to have a picnic lunch. The kids loved playing under a huge pine tree, and wading in the creek. After we drove back and had quick naps, Tyler, Jaylen and I worked on their special 4th of July hats. We went to watch the fireworks, and had a great time. It was perfect Colorado evening and watching the excitement in the kid's eyes was half the fun. Trevor pointed to every big firecracker with wide eyes of delight.

Dizzy Dizzy Baby!

I was listening to the radio the other day and Trevor started to spin around and dance. He has also tried to dance to my workout dance dvd. I tried later to get him spinning on tape. He makes a funny face by looking up with his eyes. He entertains all of us. We love him so much!

"kids say the darndest things"

Jaylen asked me today if there were bathrooms in heaven. I told her I didn't know, but probably. She said thats good because if people peed in the clouds, than it would rain pee on the world.

Swimming Lessons!

Tyler and Jaylen are enjoying their swim lessons. Trevor would love to join them but he isn't quite old enough yet.