Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kid's Triathlon!!

Well after watching me compete a couple of weeks ago in a triathlon, Tyler and Jaylen were ready to do their own. They had a kid's triathlon, sponsored by the rec center near our home. I was a little unsure about how things would go, but my kids absolutely surprised me with how great they did!

Tyler was so nervous!!! he was pacing around before it began. When is was time for his swim, he swam so fast!!! He rode his bike at lightening speed, and ran the whole way.

Jaylen had a crazy swim start wildly going sideways, but then she straightened herself out and only stooped for one breath. The lifeguard on duty said "This one could have done the long swim." Jaylen had a little trouble on the bike, because every time someone would come to pass her on the sidewalk, she went to the side, in the grass. She ran so hard!

I am so proud of my kids, and I have to say, it was the cutest thing ever! I loved watching all of the kids, they gave it all they had but you could see them running out of gas, then if you cheered for them, they went so fast and tried so hard.

1st day of school 2010!

School started early this year, but the kids are excited to go back. They look so cute with their uniforms. Tyler is starting 3rd grade, and Jaylen is starting 2nd!

Monday, August 9, 2010

It's not summer break unless....

School is starting later this week, and after all that has happened over the summer, I realized that we haven't done a whole lot. I asked the kids what they needed to do before school starts to finish out the summer. They said, "we haven't gone to a baseball game!" and "we need to go camping." So me being the mom I am decided to try and squeeze it all in this past week. On Wednesday we went to the Rockies vs Giants baseball game. I think they like the cotton candy and hot dogs more than actually watching baseball, but we had fun.

Then on Thursday we went up to Golden Gate Canyon State Park for a quick overnight camping trip. We got there around 5:30 and barely got the tent up before it started to rain. We finished our dinner in the car and started to read the first Harry Potter book (they are totally hooked). After a lot of effort, we managed to build a fire with wet wood just big enough to roast our marshmallows for s'mores. It was really beautiful up there, but we froze!!! The kids loved it. Trevor was squealing and laughing about everything, and a few times our campground neighbors yelled at us to be quiet. And everyone who knows Tyler knows that he doesn't know how to be quiet. So we have one last thing to do before finishing out our summer break before school starts on Thursday and that is to go the "The bucket pool."

So to sum it all up it is not summer break unless you... have a BBQ... take swim lessons...go swimming... sleep summer movies for 50 cents...go to a baseball game...go Popsicles-lots of a good book...wear your swimsuit around the house (if you are a kid and have no inhibitions)... eat lots of watermelon... and stay up too late!-I almost forgot, homemade ice cream!

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