Thursday, July 30, 2009

A walk with the Dinosaurs!

Since Tyler is taking a trip to visit his grandparents, I decided Jaylen and I needed to do something special. We went to a show called Walking with Dinosaurs. It is like seeing what dinosaurs would have looked like if we were alive when they were. Jaylen had a great time. She told me, "this is the best moment of my life." We also enjoyed eating fresh hot mini doughnuts, and a girls night out together. Here is some of the video and pictures that I was able to get.

Monday, July 20, 2009

More Missouri Pictures

Missouri- My Home Town

This past month, my Grandpa Donald Weems passed away (we miss him already). We went to his memorial service in Missouri where he lived near my home town of Columbia. I graduated from high school there on June 1st of 1996, and had not been back since. So much changes and so much stays the same. We went past my old house where I lived for 18 years of my life, drove by my high school, and went to Rock Bridge State park where I went often in my youth. It was good to visit my roots and show my family where I came from.

There used to be a pond and forest right in front of my house, but aparently after being neglected for many years the city made other plans, but it was quite a shock.

We were planning on camping in the Lake of the Ozarks but decided my Aunt Sharon's house was just as beautiful and had better amenities.

Fireworks are legal there, unlike here. So the kids (some older than others) had a lot of fun blowing things up.

Blog Catch-Up!

I know it has been a while since our last blog. I found my missing camera cord. I just wanted to post some pictures of the kids with their teachers from this last school year.

Tyler had Miss Cantrell. She was a softspoken and very sweet teacher. She would do this little thing to get the kid's attention Doot do do doot do and wait for the kids to finish the do doot. She was a fantastic teacher for Ty, and he learned a ton this past year.

Jaylen had Ms Petitt. She was previously a 5th grade teacher, but loved teaching kindergarden. Jaylen loved Ms Petitt and Ms Jenni her aid.

We are enjoying our summer, but the end is already in sight! School supply lists are out, and we only have a month of summer break left!