Friday, July 30, 2010

Living In Caos!

Well, it has been one week since our water leak, and we are not much closer to getting things back to normal. The water restoration team is still not finished with drying everything out and spent the better part of yesterday cutting out the ceiling and wall in the kitchen. I have to say of all of the places to have construction, the kitchen has to be one of the worst. Our table has been moved into the family room, as well as the china cabinet, and toy box. They are still not sure if they will have to tear our the drywall above the washer and dryer area, but will no for sure on Monday. Our insurance adjuster has been M.I.A. at this point. Even though, I know that he is waiting for the restoration crew to leave, we have yet to call and find him in the office rather than out. I have been pretty patient for the past week, but I have to admit, it is running out fast. We are waiting.... and waiting... to find out what amount the insurance company will give us, until then we will be yelling over the loud fans and trying not to lose it.
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cotton Candy Machine!

One of the great things about summer is garage sale season. Our latest garage sale find, was a brand new cotton candy machine. Jaylen negotiated the price from $2 to $1. It was in the original box, and had never been used. The kids had fun trying it out. It only makes a very small amount, but all you need is regular sugar. The kids say it is awesome!
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It's a cruel summer!

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Well for whatever reason, our summer of bad luck continues. I really hope as my sister Sacha tells me that bad luck comes in 3's and now we are done. I came home from work on Friday, to find a house in total destruction. Someone (who wishes not to be named) clogged the toilet in the upstairs bathroom. The tank would not close and water continued to pour through it for most of the day. Since both Kelsey and I were gone for the day, we came home to a swamp!! The water leaked from upstairs down through the kitchen ceiling and soaked through all of the carpet and floor boards. Kelsey said that he had to cut holes to let the water that was pooling in the ceiling drain. Before Friday night was over our house started to smell moldy! I spent the better part of Saturday getting rid of the carpet and carpet pad so we could let the floor dry. Because this happend on Friday night, our insurance adjuster will not be coming until Monday sometime. This is just another one of those crazy things, and all I can say is I will be happy when our house is put back together. We still don't have all of the damages fixed from the hail storm that happend in May. Without meaning to sound whiney, can I just say that I feel tired.
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Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Fun With Friends!

I know it has been a while since my last post, as I am as usual, extremely busy. My friend and her two kids are visiting and we have been having a great time. We went up to the mountains, watched fireworks, and played at the park. It is so nice to have a little R&R, and in such good company. Here are some highlights this far.