Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pictures of the Kids

I know it has been a long time since I got the kid's pictures taken. Last Thursday, we went to our weekly summer movie camp ( a cartoon is shown once a week for fifty cents) and afterwards we went to get their pictures taken. Trevor was so very tired having missed his nap and so he didn't get any by himself. We will get his done next week. They turned out beautiful, of course. I won't get the actual prints until next week but I did get the email that allows me to download the pictures. (There is a website you can go to if you would like to order some, email me and I will get it for you.) Don't worry grandmas and grandpas are getting some prints soon.

We are enjoying our summer. I got a bike trailer at a garage sale and we took a little bike ride on Monday night. Trevor absolutely loved it! Jaylen, and Trevor were the passengers and Kelsey, Tyler and I were all riding bikes. Trevor would just squeal and laugh and Jaylen was a little nervous, she kept asking me if I was going too fast.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Special Delivery

The excitement for this week was getting packages from Grandma and Grandpa Anderson. Jaylen had fun sitting in a tiny box. Trevor posed for the camera in his new bath towel. We are enjoying our summer break with a more laid back schedule. Tyler and Jaylen started swimming lessons last week and are both doing well. We are just waiting for the weather to warm up enough to go to the outdoor pool so they can practice their new skills. We have had the most rainy, cool, start to summer, that I can remember and all I can say is Bring On The Heat!!!

I had a great time visiting my sister in Salt Lake City a couple of weeks ago, and you know the saying "When the cat is away the mice will play?" Well Kelsey bought a Playstation 2 and Guitar Hero III. The kids have a Lego Starwars game and at ages 5 and 6, they are way better at it than I am. I have to say, letting them play with it, is a great motivator for getting them to do their chores.