Sunday, September 28, 2008

Morning Assembly

Tyler's class was in charge of a morning assembly at school. They sang a song about responsibility. Parents show responsibility by caring for their children. Children show responsibility by listening to their parents. The song is "Over in the Meadow" by Olive Wadsworth. It's kind of hard to understand the words so here they are: Over in the meadow, in the sand, in the sun lived an old mother toad and her little toadie one. Wink said the mother; I wink said the one; so she winked and she blinked in the sand and in the sun. Over in the meadow, where the stream runs blue, lived and old mother fish and her little fishes two. Swim said the mother; we swim said the two so they swam and they leaped where the stream runs blue. Over in the meadow in a hole in a tree lived an old mother bluebird and her little birdies three. Sing said the mother; we sing said the three; so they sang and were glad in the hole in the tree. Over in the meadow in the reeds on the shore, lived a mother muskreat and her little ratties four. Dive said the mother; we dive said the four; so they dived and they burrowed in the reeds by the shore. Tyler got to hold up one of the two fish, and so he had a really special part. Sorry it is so far away and you can't see. I need to upgrade my camera.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Frog Blog!

Friday night we found a little frog in the back yard. The kids had a lot of fun discovering this unique creature. Trevor, I think was interested but a little unsure about this strange hoppy thing. Most of the drama occurred after the "filming" when Brody our little dog got out and tried to catch it. Jaylen screamed and cried thinking that her little froggy friend went to heaven, but as it turns out we were able to save it after all, and all is well.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Chocolate Pudding !!

Trevor fed himself some pudding yesterday! He looked so cute that I had to take a picture.

Tyler Turns 7!

How can it be that my little 1st born son is now a big 7 year old? I remember well the days leading up to Tylers birth, and how excited I was to have a baby. We had a rocky delivery, and some rocky times since but through it all, the love I have for my Tyler has brought me so much happiness and joy. Tyler warmed my heart when at less than 1 day old he cried...I slowly got up to get him from his cubbie... and a second after I held him in my arms he stopped crying and snuggled up to me as he fell back to sleep. I had an amazing and overwhelming feeling...motherhood. I knew I would never be the same again.

This year Tyler is obsessed with Star Wars. He has a playstation 2 Lego Star Wars game and he plays it as much as possible. He seriously breaths... eats...and sleeps (yes we hear him talking in his sleep about it) STAR WARS!!!

Tyler is doing great in 1st grade, and is reading everyday.

Tyler loved the power of special priveledges, on his big day. He reminded me more than once that because it was his birthday he didn't have to clean, he got to say all of the prayers, he got to play whatever he wanted!! and he even refused to get dressed and wore his PJ's almost all day!
We had a family BBQ for his birthday and he chose a white cake with white frosting. I was ready for the big song and realized I lost the candles. I couldn't find them anywhere. I called everyone I knew in the neighborhood and ended up using grilling matches for the candles. I love you Tyler, more than I can even say.